I was given photos of family sites of historical interest that I neglected to share with family members. I discovered these when archiving my files so I will post some samples on the web site even though I had stopped supporting this site in Nov 2008. The photos are of the Clement Engle farm and cemetery outside Salisbury Pa and some of Clement's birthplace of Klingenthal France and some of the Church where he was baptized and the church where his Mother and Father were married in Rauwiller France.
Ken Engle Dec 2008

I took the photo below from the book published by Floyd and Mollie Yoder of Meyersdale illustrating the aftermath of the 3 tornadoes that hit the Salisbury area in 1998. One of them went through downtown Salisbury and crossed over the hill and cut through the Mast farm which is partially made up of the old Clement farm. The hillside shown encompasses most of the old Clement farm. His cemetery is in the upper left corner behind the tree line and Salisbury is over the hill to the upper right. Englewood house built by Lowry is to the right of the old barns. I think the pond to the left of Bill Masts demolished silos may have been the old mill pond for Clement's saw and grist mill. The Yoders also recorded the many barn and house rebuilding efforts by neighbors in the old fashioned barn building community efforts typical of Mennonites.

Photos of the Lowry/Engle cemetery were sent to me by cousin Cherise from Utah. She photographed many stones and wrote down the markings when legible.

More photos were sent to me by Patrick from WA.

In 2001 I and my cousin Adell met with cousin Henri for the first time, Here are some of the pictures taken during that visit.

In 2006 Mel McBeth visited with Henri and was given the tour of the ancestral locations. Here are some of the pictures he took.

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