Engle/Lowry Farm Graveyard

These photos were given to me by cousin Cherise from Utah. Fortunately she visited the site shortly after its clean up by the local Salisbury Historical Society in 1998. The graveyard is located on the brow of the hill overlooking the old Clement farm from the South. She also recorded the inscriptions on the stones that were legible. It is not obvious that Clement ever had anything but a simple field stone but the DAR placed a marker there sometime in the last 50 years.

    Headstone Inscriptions
  1. Sarah Engle born Feb 24, 1827 died May 15, 1853
  2. S.E.
  3. J E
  4. LL
  5. Lydia Consort of George Lowry, John Engle date unreadable
  6. J.C.M.
  7. William son of J J & S Engle, died Jun 6 1885, 1 yr 10 mo
  8. George Lowry, Oct 5 1820, Apr 23 1903
    Lucinda his wife, Nov 2 1838, Jul 7 1908
  9. Clements (unreadable)
  10. Catherine Charpening, d. Jun 7 1895, 87 yrs 7 days
  11. Unreadable Unreadble 1853, fathers name J.S.M.
    Age 23 yr 6 mo 15 days, 7 yrs 11 mos, died together
  12. About 21 more unmarked field stones

In 2008 we were told by the current resident of Englewood that two runaway slaves were buried in the cemetery as well.

Some of the pictures Cherise sent me.

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