I started intensive research into my Engle ancestry after retiring in January 2000 at the age of 68 and was blessed with the emerging internet as a source of data and by posting a web site as a tool for advertising for information.

This web site is dedicated to my wife Carol, whom I named "Super Sleuth". Without her endless hours of searching through archives such as the blurry microfilm records of 18th century quill pen writing, that were made by the LDS church, we could not have developed such a rich historical account of our 18th century ancestors or definitive documentation of our genealogical lines. It was her research that that allows us to sort out the family lines of the half dozen Peter Engels who appear in the 18th century record at Frederick MD.

I would also like to dedicate the Clemens pages to cousin Donald (Max) Engle deceased, who spent many years tracking down descendants from Clemens, which he subsequently recorded in a hand drawn family tree with more than 2000 names! Also, he corresponded with Roy Engle for many years and cousin Roy was able to provide to this web page the extensive GEDCOM files for the families of Michael Ingle and Peter Jr Engle based on his own research.

And finally a big round of applause for cousin Adell who went to Germany and tracked down cousin Henri with his extensive genealogy of the Engels in Germany and France. Ten years ago, Adell had noted the names of a Clemens and Peter Engels in the Solingen church records while she was living in Germany but we could never positively identify them as our ancestors until she located Henri Engels of France in preparation for our visit to her in Germany in the year 2000. We intended to meet her in Heidelberg and visit Solingen to see if we could get more leads. Instead we met with Henri in Strasbourg and were provided a wealth of information about the Engels in France and Germany.

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