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I designed this web page to provide a forum for my living relatives to document their genealogy and/or family history starting from our most remote common ancestor, a Caspar Engels (I) born about 1646 in Solingen Germany. We have identified many living descendants in the U.S. from Peter Engels (Sr) and his brother Johann Peter Engels (Sr) who immigrated to the "English Colonies" from Klingenthal, Alsace, France in the Fall of 1754 with their families and a married sister. Their father was Caspar Engels (II) born 1684 in Solingen Germany and who died in Klingenthal prior to his two sons and one daughter's immigration. Johann Peter Sr and Peter Sr left a brother in France by the name of Clemens who has many descendants in that country today. The Engels family was famous for making fine steel blades of the 17 and 18th century. Solingen products are sold in many cutlery stores in the U.S. today. (The sword which has been over my fireplace since 1995, was one I bought in Toledo Spain which is noted for making swords only second in quality to Solingen Germany)- 15 April 2000.

In the U.S. we have identified many descendants of a Peter Engels Jr son of Peter Engels Sr along with Michael (Ingle) and Clemens, sons of Johann Peter Engels Sr. We also have located one Henri Engels of Strasbourg France, who has published a family web page ancestry tree that includes his ancestry back through his Clemens Engels to Caspar I. By publishing our draft Family Tree with associated narrative biographies, we were able to identify more living cousins and their links to Caspar Engels which we have added to this page along with occasional biographical information and thereby enriching our knowledge about the family.

My wife of the past 30 years, passed away in Dec. 2014. Carol was an ace genealogy researcher and to whom I owe a large debt in the development of my ancestry. I nicknamed her "Supersleuth" in recognition of her skills.


This introduction includes a small sample of the historical background of how and why Germans were immigrating in such large numbers to the U.S. prior to the Revolutionary War along with a partial list of reference sources and links to other genealogical sites of interest. As a general principle, we have attempted to gather original source materials and remain skeptical of information based on second or third hand information. We acknowledge the many family members who made major contributions to the extensive data base of this site.

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This page covers the Engels family history in Solingen Germany from Caspar Engels I in 1646 until the family immigrated to France in 1730 at the inducement of the French government because of their skills in forging metal. They were members of the Reformed Protestant Church.

According to a German genealogical research professional, we will not find documentation of our Engels earlier than Caspar I in 1646. The German principalities were in even in greater turmoil prior to that date due to the horrific "30 Years War".

This page covers the Engels family history in Klingenthal Alsace France where they continued their profession of manufacturing bladed weapons. Two brothers and one sister immigrated to America in 1754 making a party of twelve but a third brother Clemens, remained in Alsace Province as a cutler.


The brothers Peter Engels Sr and Johann Peter Sr along with their sister Maria Catharina Dellenbach and their families arrived on two separate ships in Philadelphia in the Fall of 1754. Peter Sr appears to have moved to Maryland as early as 1756 but Johann Peter Sr and his Sister do not arrive there until 1762.The only record we can find of Johann Peter Sr and sister Maria Catherina for the period 1754 to 1762 is the baptism of their son Michael in July 1760 York County.

In the Frederick MD German Reformed records of 1756, an Anna Maria is born to Maria Catherina and Peter Engels which confirms his relocation to MD by that time and with a new wife. Johann Peter Sr does not appear until 1762 when a son Samuel is born to him and his wife Susanna in Frederick. Sister Maria Catharina and her husband Samuel Dellenbach were god parents to Samuel in 1762. Maria Dellenbach attended church with Maria Catherina for many years. No record of any Dellenbach children being born has been found.

The family of Peter Engels (Sr) (14 Nov 1717- 5 Nov 1793)(1)Magdalena Frey (13 Jul 1718 - 1754) in France (2) Maria Catherina (2 May 1728 - 2 Sep 1793)in America:

  1. Peter (Jr) (17 Sep 1749 France - 1 Feb 1832)(1)Anna Maria Faw (2)Susanna Bugh

  2. Johann Jacob (21 Sep 1753 - 1754) Died aboard ship.

  3. Anna Maria (13 Aug 1756 - abt 1832)

  4. Catharina (bpt 4 Dec 1757 )+ Leonard Lantz

  5. Maria Anna (31 Dec 1761, bpt 2 Feb 1762) + Michael Kershner

  6. Susanna (17 Dec1763, bpt 19 Feb 1764) + Valentine Matter

The family of Johann Peter Engels Sr.( 25 Apr 1711 - abt 1777) and wife Susanna Vautrin ( 1 Oct 1718 - abt 1775) in America.

  1. Johannes (11 Nov 1745 France abt 1776) + Susanna Barbara Stahely (1747-1800)

  2. Anna Elisabeth, (27 Nov. 1747 - 19 Jul 1741) France)

  3. Clemens Engels (30 Dec 1748 - 28 May 1812)+(1) Elisabeth Graeff (2) Margarette Weimer

  4. Johann Peter Jr (19 Nov 1750 - abt 1816)+ Susanna Hutzel ( 20 Nov 1742 - 9 Nov 1797)+ Mary (Wine)Renner

  5. Michael (Ingle) Engels (bpt 20 Jul 1760-16 May 1838)+ Catherine Swartzel (1761 - 1823)

  6. Samuel b. 20 April 1762 d. after 1795 Frederick MD

Peter Sr and wife died in 1793 in Frederick and Samuel s/o Johann Peter Sr. is listed as one of the heirs of Peter Sr after his death. There is no record of Johann Peter Sr or Johannes death. This suggests both died about 1776 and Samuel was raised by his uncle, Peter Sr. There is also no record of births to Maria and Samuel Dellenbach.


I, your friendly Webmeister, was born in Renton Washington in 1931 and I am descended from Samuel Engle the 18th child of Clemens Engels. Samuel built a successful farm, sugar mill, and grist mill in MD which remained in the family for over 125 years. His oldest son Walter emigrated to MN and is my great grandfather.

Family Tree showing the descendants of Caspar Engels to my American Cousins. This tree includes descendants of Caspar Engels I and their spouses but does not include the spouse's ancestors or siblings. Our privacy policy for this tree is that no one under 21 is listed and no dates are shown for anyone born after 1920 or married after 1940, as they are consider living.

I have opted to include spousal ancestral lines for spouses of the 18th century or earlier. It seems of interest to see our ancestral lines running back to Europe as we are blood related to those lines as well. If we included spousal ancestral lines after the 18th century, it would expand the list of potential "cousins" well past the point of manageability. Some 18th Century spousal surnames for which I have some genealogy are Graff, Weimer, Vautrin, Staley, Faw, Pugh, Lantz, Kershner, Matter, Swartzel, and Hutzel.

List of Living Engle-Family Cousins who were identified early and many made significant contributions to the family tree.

Bios of My Cousins Ancestors Many of my living cousins have provided me with interesting stories or mini-biographies of their great and great-great grand parents which I have reproduced here.

Some cousins provided me with pictures of the Clement Engle farm and pictures of Clement Engles birthplace in Klingenthal France. See photo album.

henri engels pictureHenri's Engels website ( in English details the life of our European ancestors in the lovely town of Klingenthal where they were iron workers making bayonets for the French Army. He also details his ancestry back to Caspar Engels in French at ( Select picture of Henri to see his immediate family.

In an attempt to verify the good paper trail of our common ancestral roots between Henri and myself, I initiated a DNA analysis of Henri and myself. The 25 marker comparison yielded a low probability that we had a common ancestor as recent as Caspar Engels (II). Other tests gave good correlation between myself and two other descendants of Clemens Engels of U.S. We need a test of a descendant of Peter Engels Sr. to determine whether we Engels cousins in America are descended from Caspar Engels (II).

An Ebook version of either the family-tree or the web site can be down loaded from here. You can also download a ZIP copy of the photo album here.

As of 9 Nov. 2008 K. Engle stopped updating these historical accounts or family tree on the Web. His son James maintains the family history on and will occasionally make updates to this web including updates to cousins list. Email to Ken Engle the Webmeister at kens email any information you think I should put in the trunk of family archives.

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