Peter Engels Jr.

Peter Engels, who died in Pennsylvania in 1833, was said to have been born in Germany by descendants of Ezra Engels, and of Catherine Engels Garrison. Other oral traditions and church records suggest that Peter Engels Jr. father was a Peter Engels Sr. of Germany. In fact. Peter Jr. was born in Klingenthal France on 17 Sep 1749 to a Peter Engels Sr and Magdalena Frey. He came to America on the ship Halifax in 1754 but sadly his mother and baby brother Johann Jacob died in transit. Peter Sr was living in Frederick MD by 1756 where he set up a cutlery business. The first record of Peter Jr in America is his confirmation at the Reformed Church of Frederick which is also the church that recorded his later marriage and birth of his children up until the year 1800 when he moved West.

1767 9 Feb, Clemens (19 yrs) and Peter Engels Jr (18 yrs) were confirmed as members along with a married man by the name of Johannes Engels (22 yrs). All three are first cousins and were born in Klingenthal.

Note: No Reformed Church marriage records have been found from 1770-1784.

1773 Feb 22, Maria (Faw) Engels, a married lady, was confirmed and took communion.(Probably about when she married Peter)
27 Sep, born Magdalena, d/o Peter Engels and Anna Maria.
17 Oct, Peter Jr attends church with parents and Johann Peter (Sr?).

1775 10 May, Peter and Maria sign lists as "members of the church" along with Peter Sr and wife Maria Catherina, Samuel and wife Maria Catherina Dellenbach.
12 Sep A Peter Engle is found in the "Maryland Historical Magazine, Vol. XI, p.166 in a list of Members of the Committee of Observation of the Middle District of Frederick County, Maryland, along with Samuel (13) s/o Johann Peter Sr.
1776 From the Archives of Maryland, Journal of Correspondence of the Council of Safety Vol. XII, p. 525, 13 December 1776:

.....That the said Treasurer pay to Allen Quynn twenty five Pounds ten shillings.
That the said Treasurer pay to Peter Engels fifty seven Pounds thirteen shillings & nine Pence.
That the said Treasurer pay to Samuel Boone one hundred and fifty Pounds on Account of the Gunlock Manufactory.

The Gunlock Manufactory was a state owned gun manufacturing operation where the bought parts such as barrels from local iron workers. We then may assume that this is Peter Engels Jr being paid for his gunsmith work as in the 1786 he was put in charge of the town munitions dump.
Note: A brother of Daniel Boone supposedly built the first water mill in Somerset County PA.
Maybe Peter was being paid for manufacture of swords and bayonets as well since his father Peter Sr. was a skilled iron worker in Klingenthal France?

1778 21 April, Peter Engles (Engels) had procured a substitute, Henry Fisher, for three years service in the German Regiment under Col (illegible) Weltner, as passed by the Lieutenant of Frederick County, Maryland, and agreeable to a late act of the assembly. In the same list, dated 2 April 1778, was Abraham Feaw (Faw), believed to have been the brother-in-law of Peter Engels, who also supplied a substitute. Maryland Historical Magazine, VOL. VI, p. 256).
The "Maryland Archives Vol XVIII p. 184" lists a partial roster for the German Regiment. This regiment included two regiments from Baltimore County and two from Frederick. A Major Ludwick Welter from Frederick is listed as one of its officers. A Henry Fisher is listed as a private. Of interest there are privates Michael Kerschner and Martin Lantz. This confirms the enlistment of a Henry Fisher.
Records of Maryland Troops in the Continental Service: Henry Fisher enlisted 1 April 1778 and discharged on 1 Aug 1780. Served in the German Regiment.
(It seems unlikely Peter Jr. ever served in the war but contributed as a gunsmith furnishing arms to the Continental Army.)
27 Sep Jacob son of Maria and Peter Jr baptized

1779 Apr, Maria at Easter Communion.
14 Aug, a Peter Engells is listed as being in the military but not likely to be Peter Jr.
1780 23 Dec, George christened s/o Peter and Anna Maria.

1783 12 Jan, Peter son of Peter and Anna Maria.
1784 12 Jan, Abraham Faw son of Peter and Anna Maria.

1786 11 Mar, Juliana d/o Peter and Anna Maria.
4 May,

Peter Engels of Frederick County is hereby appointed Armourer at Frederick Town in Virtue of the "Act to vest certain powers in the Governor and the Council."


Ordered That the Western Shore Treasurer pay to Abraham Faw One hundred pounds for the use of, and to be delivered over to Peter Engels Armourer in Frederick Town, and to be by him accounted for.

1787 25 Jun Curtis s/o Peter and Anna Maria.
1788 15 Jul, Anna Maria d/o Peter and Anna Maria.
7 Nov Commission ordered that the Western Shore Treasurer pay to Peter Engels Sixty pounds to enable him to repair Arms at Frederick Town on Account.
21 Nov Ordered that the Western Shore Treasurer pay to Peter Engels sixty two pounds ten shillings for one half year's Salary as Armourer at Frederick Town due the 6th installment.

1789 Mar 2, Peter buys town lots #13 & #14 for 225 pounds from Conrad Grosh.
26 May, That the said Treasurer pay to Peter Engels Two hundred and ninety eight pounds, Seven shillings and eight pence due him for the balance of an Account passed by the Auditor General.
25 Sep, bp Susanna d/o Peter and Anna Maria. Note: This birth could have killed Anna Maria as Peter Jr has a baby with wife Susannah in November the following year.
7 Nov, That the Said Treasurer pay to Peter Engels Sixty two pounds, ten Shillings for half a year's Salary as Armourer at Frederick town due the 6th.

Children of: Peter Engle Jr. & Anna Maria (Amelia) Faw (Pfau)
Maria Catherina b 27 Sep 1773
bp 12 Dec 1773
1789/1790 Nicholas Buch
Elizabetha 5 Jul 1776
21 Sep 1776
aft 1854 Balthazer Kramer /8
James Dixon
John Jacob 15 Feb 1778    
George 9 May 1780    
Peter b. 12 Jan 1783
bp 12 Apr 1783
19 Dec 1849 Hester Ann Auter/12
Abraham Faw 12 Jan 1784
bp 23 Mar 1784
8 may 1875 Harriet Gapen?/6
Julianna b 11 Mar 1786
bp 23 Apr 1786
18 Feb 1869 John Amos Piatt/11
Anna Maria (Milly) b 15 Jul 1788
bp 24 Aug 1788
  George Ziegler
Margareth Susanna 7 Jul 1789
bp 25 Sep 1789

1790 Peter Ingle Jr. appears in the Census for Frederick County, Maryland, along with Abraham Faw, and his father Peter Ingle in the same county. Peter Jr is listed as having 2 white males over 16, 5 free white males under 16, 5 free white females including head of household, and 2 slaves. According to our genealogy there appears to be an older male and a female couple living with them at the time. (Employees of his Armoury?)
May, Ordered that the western shore Treasurer pay to Peter Engells Three hundred and forty one pounds, five shillings and ten pence Current Money due him as Armourer per Account passed by the Auditor.
Ordered that Peter Engels, Armourer at Frederick town forward from thence to John Shaw, Armourer at Annapolis one Barrel of Cannon powder.
13 Nov, Ezra s/o Peter and Susanna (Bugh). It appears Peter marries again sometime in late 1789 or early 1790
6 Nov, Ordered that the western shore Treasurer pay to Peter Engels Sixty two pounds, ten shillings for six Months Salary as Armourer at Frederick town due this day.

1791 Good Friday, Elizabeth (15) d/o Peter confirmed in Church.
21 Mar,

Capt. David Stodder of Baltimore Town represents that by virtue of the authority vested in him by the Board of the 27th. of March 1790 he has collected near two hundred stand of Arms of which he has completely repaired for the use of his volunteer Company of Artillery, but that these Arms being disproportioned in their length &ca. and his Company prevented thereby from making a uniform appearance, He prays that in consideration of his trouble in collecting them the Board will direct the Armourer to deliver him Seventy five stand of the new Arms with the Accoutrements in Annapolis, for the re-delivery whereof in perfect order on demand of the Board, he is ready to give ample Security.
Resolved that on Capt. Stodder's giving security as aforesaid, and on his engaging to send all the Arms in his possession to Mr. Engels Armourer at Frederick Town as soon as a proper Conveyance offers, Mr. Shaw be directed to deliver him seventy stand of the new Arms &ca. agreeably to his request, and it is further Resolved that the expence Capt. Stodder has been at in repairing the Arms and the expence of Transportation to Frederick town be paid by the public, Capt. Stodder furnishing an Account of the same legally proved.

(Peter was to replace the two hundred working muskets with 200 that were all the same length.)
27 May, That the said Treasurer pay to Peter Engels Armourer at Frederick town Two hundred and seventy two pounds, seventeen shillings and eleven pence Curr't. Money due him per Acc't. passed by Aud'r. Gen'l.
Nov, That the said Treasurer pay to Peter Engells Armourer at Frederick Town Sixty two pounds ten shillings for Six Months pay due him the 6th. instant.
Ordered that Mr. Peter Engells Armourer at Frederick town be directed to employ one Workman in addition to two already engaged, in cleaning the Arms in his care and to continue him in that service until the further order of this Board.

1792 26 Aug, Charlotta d/o Peter and Susanna.
14 May, Ordered that the western shore Treasurer pay to Peter Engels Armourer at Frederick town Two hundred and forty three pounds, twelve shillings and three pence due him per Account passed by the Auditor.
13 Jun, Ordered that Peter Engels, Armourer at Frederick town deliver to Major Henry Gaither one Barrel of Damaged Gun Powder for the use of the troops raising for the western Expedition.
9 Nov, Peter Engels having represented to the Board, that the roof of the Magazine in [p.152] Frederick town, has been much injured by the late storm. Resolved that the said Engels be authorised to employ Workmen, and put the roof of the said Magazine in complete repair, observing at the same time economy in the execution of the Work.
Ordered that the western shore Treasurer pay to Peter Engels sixty two pounds ten shillings, half a year's Salary as Armourer at Frederick town due the 6th instant.

Children of: Peter Engle & Susannah Bugh
Ezra 1790 1869 Nancy Black
Charlotta 26 Aug 1792    
Marium 1797   Thomas Beall
Emanuel 1799   Elizabeth Clemons
Christian abt 1800 bef 1850 Mahola Jolliffe
Theresa (Tracilla) 1802   John Freeland
Catherine 1804 17 Jul 1891 David Garrison
Rebecca 7 Oct 1806 21 Apr 1889 John Donham
Barney 1808 24 Jan 1887 Nancy
Neucessa 1810   Jonathan Knotts

Clearly the names from the second marriage follow a different tradition than Peter's first. Since the Faw family is well documented as being from the Palatine, one is left to wonder where the origins of the Bugh family are? Peter had about 19 children with most living to adulthood equaling the number of children from his cousin Clemens.

1794 On 20 August, Peter Engels of Frederick Town, Maryland, wrote the following letter to Governor Thomas Sim Lee:

The Situation of Affairs in and about Our Neighborhood make it necessary for me to Inform you that I am very apprehensive for the Safety of the Magazine. I was Yesterday at the Collectors Office and his Brother Informed me that he had every Reason to believe that the People about the Mountain was very much against the Excise Law and that they had began to Collect in small Parties but for what particular purpose not known, but believe it to arise from the same Spirit of Opposition that Actuates the people of the frontier of Pennsylvania. We are Informed here that all the Powder and Lead has been bought up within these few days in all the Neighboring Towns. It is the Opinion of the Gentlemen of this place that I should Inform you of these Transactions as early as possible They also think a Guard will be Necessary and if you think it Necessary you will be pleased to give me the Necessary directions and Nothing shall be Wanting on my part that can Conduce to its safety.
I am Sir,
Your Most Hble Sevt.
Peter Engels"

(Maryland State Papers, VOL. X, Red Books, XXXIII, 44, 1515). The uprising referred to in Pennsylvania was the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794.

It is assuming to think the "situation" was due to the Whiskey Rebellion centered in Somerset County where cousins Michael and Clemens were living at the time.

1795 13 April, As one of the four heirs of Peter Sr, Peter sells town lot #100; 3/4 to Valentin Matter Sr for 166 Pounds and 1/4 to Michael Kirschner for 25 Pounds.
15 Aug., Peter buys town lots #11 and 12 for 25 pounds from Henry and Thome Danale. Peter referred to as a gunsmith in the deed.
20 Aug. he sells part of lots #11 and 12 for 36 Pounds to George Bentz.
20 Aug. he sells rest of lots #11 and 12 plus lots #13 & 14 for 375 pounds to John Gombar.
This eliminates all property from Frederick City and it appears was trying to find a new home out West. The last recorded birth for him and Susanna in Frederick was Christian in 1800 and he was in Allegheny County in the 1800 census.

Western Maryland

1796 On 2 April, Peter Engels and Peter Bugh, a relative of his wife, Susannah Bugh Engels, of Allegany County, Maryland, bought a 335 acre tract of land called "Mount Airy" from Francis Deakins of Montgomery County, Maryland, for 231 pounds. Deakins had received this land through a patent.

The "Mount Airy" of this time refers to plots of veteran land grants near Mount Nebo. In 1830, Samuel, son of Clement built a large farm at Mount Nebo after purchasing land from the Custer family.

1797 On 28 June, Peter and Susannah Engels sold 1971/2 acres of the "Mount Airy" tract to Peter and Catherine Bugh for 100 pounds. All parties lived in Allegany County.

1800 Peter Engels in the 1800 Maryland census Allegany County and is listed as aged over 45, and his wife as 26-45. He is shown with twelve children, which would be correct according to the five children known to have been born after 1800.?

1800Christian d/o Peter and Susanna born in Frederick
25 April, Peter Engels of Allegany County, Maryland, bought back from Peter Bugh, of the same county, a part of "Mount Airy" containing 187 1/2 acres for 150 pounds. (Allegany County, Maryland Deeds 1796-1810).

1803 Peter Engle, gunsmith appears on the tax lists for Greene Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania,. (The Pennslyvania Kentucky Long Rifle Kauffman, 1960, p.219).
Therefore, shortly after 1800, Peter must have moved to Pennsylvania. At this cousin Michael had left Somerset but cousin Clemens was living just over the hill from Greene Township.

1807 On 5 October , Peter Engels of Pennsylvania sold all the part of "Mount Airy" he then owned, 187 1/2 acres, to Rudolph Haberstick of Allegany County for 350 pounds. Later he had to use the services of the Sheriff of Allegany County to collect from Haberstick!

1808 On 21 March, Peter Engels of Greene County, Pennsylvania, paid $800 to Noah and Sarah Long, Butler County, Ohio, for 100 acres of a tract of land called the "Ark," to which Long had the original patent granted in 1787

1810 In the Census for Greene Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania, the Peter Engels family is found on p. 80, line 16, as follows:

"1810 Census Greene County PA"
1 male under 10 3 females under 10
1 male 10-16 1 female 10-16
1 male 16-26 1 female over 45
I male over 45  

1814 On 16 June, Peter and Susannah Engels sold one and one-fourth acres to their son Ezra for $10; all lived in Greene Township, Greene County.

1829 On 10 July , Peter and Susannah Engels sold 100 acres to David Core for $1000. All resided in Monongahela Township, Greene County.
1830 On 21 January, Enoch and Mary Rutter sold to Peter and Susannah Engels 96 acres of an original patent called "Vermont" for $800. And on 21 April 1830, Peter and Susannah sold to Ezra Engle a tract containing nine acres and twenty-seven perches for $98.68 and three-fourths cents. All 1830 transactions took place in Monongahela Township.

1832Peter Engels drew up his will on I February, and signed-it in what very likely was his own handwriting. The will was presented for probate 22 February 1833, and the full text is given below.

As his last land transaction, Peter Engels of Greene County bought from George and Sarah Hartter of Washington County, Pennsylvania, 114 acres in Greene County for $285.



I Peter Engle of Monongahela Township, Greene County and State of Pennsylvania, considering the uncertainty of this mortal life, and being of sound mind and memory, do make and publish, this my last will and testament, in the manner and form following, thereby revoking any former will, or wills, that may have been made by me.
Firstly: It is my will and desire that, after my death, all my just debts be paid together with all charges and expenses in 'relation to my funeral and the execution of this my last will and testatment.
Secondly: It is my will and desire, that after the debts and expenses above mentioned are paid, that the residue of my estate both real and personal (excepting my gunsmith tools) shall remain in the hands of my beloved wife Susannah during her natural lifetime to use and enjoy the same in any manner she may see proper in order to promote her comfort and convenience, and for her use and benefit alone, over which she shall have full and exclusive power and control, with privilege to sell any part or parts that she may deem proper or best.
Thirdly:I hereby will and bequeath unto my son Barney all my gunsmith tools to be delivered to him by my Executors (herein after named) as early as practicable after my death.
Fourthly: I hereby will and bequeath unto my sons Jacob, George, Peter, Abraham, Ezra, Emanuel, and Christian, and unto my daughters, Mary (Bugh), Elizabeth (Kramer), Julia (Piatt), Milly (Zeigler), Marium (Bell), Catherine (Garrison) and Rebeckah (Donham) to them (or in case of their death, then to their children) the sum of one dollar each to be paid to each of them respectively, as early as practicable, by my said Excecutors after the death of my wife Susannah.
Fifthly: I will and bequeath unto my daughters Tracilla and Neucesa, all the residue of my estate both real and personal, to be divided equally between them (or the proceeds thereof) by my Executors, share and share alike as early as practicable after the death of my said wife Susannah.
Sixthly: I hereby nominate and appoint my friends Lewis Lantz and Benjamin F. Black, Executors to this my last will and testament.
In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this the First day of February one thousand eight Hundred and thirty two.
Signed, Published and declared, by the above named Peter Engle to be his last will and testament, in the presence of us, who at his request, and in his presence, have subscribed our names as witnesses thereunto,
John Gapen
Benjamin Freeland Peter Engels Seal
Greene County Court
Before me Jesse Lazear, Registor for the probate of wills and granting letters of Administration in and for said county this day came John Gapen andBenjamin Freeland the two subscribing witnesses to the within instrument of...

The language in the will indicates that Peter Jr was a gunsmith not a gunmaker. That is, he repaired them but did not make them. The only documentation about his fathers occupation was that he was a Cutler.

1833On 7 July, Susannah ' Engels, widow of Peter, residing in the town of Greensburg, Greene County, sold to her son Ezra an 86 acre tract of land lying along Dunkard Creek for $800. And on 27 July of that year Ezra and his wife Nancy sold Susannah Engels the west half of Lot No. 40 in the town of Greensburg for $250.

1834 On 1 March, Ezra and Nancy Engle sold the 86 acre tract they had bought from Susannah Engels on the 27 July 1833, to John and Rebecca Engle Donham.

It appears likely that Susannah Engels died before 1840, or at least she was not shown as head of a household in the 1840 census. Yet a deed is recorded in Greene County for 3 April 1841, whereby Peter Engels (d. 1833)and his wife Susannah sold to Godfrey Engle a tract of 114 acres (which had been bought from George Hartter in 1832) for $500. This tract was located in Center Township, Greene County. This deed was probably written some years earlier, signed by Peter and Susannah Engels and recorded some time after their death. The identity of Godfrey Engle is not known. He appears in the 1860 census for Greene County as aged 46, born in Pennsylvania, with his mother Mary M. M., aged 84, born in Germany. Was he related?

Land: Jonathan KNOTTS to John DONHAM 1845: Monongahela Twp, Greene Co, PA
Contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by Donna Clark

Deed Book 10, page 398
Deed Jon'h Knotts & wife to John Dunham
Whereas Peter Engle late of Monongahela Township Greene County State of Pennsylvania now deceased being in possession of a certain or tract of land situate in the Township aforesaid on a run that empties in the Monongahela River near but above the dwelling house of Lewis Eavans adjoining lands of Lewis Eavans Eavan Eavans B.F. Black Dissisway? South and Enoch South containing about Eighty Six acres of land with the appurtenances thereunto belonging by virtue of a deed of conveyance from Enoch Rutter and Mary his wife. And whereas Peter Engle by his Will and testament dated on the First day of February A.D. one thousand eight hundred and thirty two he then bequeathed unto his wife Susannah all his Estate real and personal after paying his debts & expenses of settling his Estate with priviledge to her to sell any part or parts thereof and the remainder or residue of his Estate after her death ( and the payment of the sum of one Dollars to each of his other children so named in said Will) he bequeathed to his daughters Tracilla and Nurcesa and whereas the said Susannah by deed dated on 27 Day of July A.D. 1833 conveying the said tract of land of eighty six acres to Ezra Engles who together with his wife Nancy by deed dated on the first day of March A.D. 1834 conveying the same to John Donham. Now This Indenture Witnesseth that we Jonathan Knotts and Nurcesa his wife formerly Nurcesa Engles of Monongahela township aforesaid for and in consideration of the sum of thirty five Dollars to be paid in hand by John Donham of the said Township of Monongahela at and before the ensealing and delivery hereof the receipt whereof we do hereby acknowledge and forever acquit and discharge the said John Donham his heirs Executors Administrators by these presents have granted bargained sold aliened released and conveyed and confirmed and by these presents do grant bargain sell convey release confirm and quitclaim unto the said John Donham his heirs and assigns, all our right title interest and claim of us and to a certain Messauge or tract of land situate in the Township aforesaid above described containing Eighty six acres of land be the same more or less and all the right title interest and claim that we may hereafter have of in & to the said tract of Eighty six acres of land more or less by virtue of the last will and testament of the said Peter Engles Dec. Together with all and singular our right to the building woods ways rights liberties priviledges hereditary amounts and appurtenances whatsoever thereunto belonging and to the rents issues and profits thereof and also all the right title interest property claim and demand whatsoever of them the said Jonathan Knotts and Nurcesa his wife in law or equity howsoever of in to and to or out of the same, To Have And To Hold all our right title interest and claim and all the interest that we at any time hereafter be entitled to by Virtue of said last will and testament of said Peter Engle Dec. of in and to the said tract of Eighty six acres of land be the same more or less unto the said John Donham his heirs and assigns forever.
In testimony whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals this third day of January A.D. 1845.
Jonathan Knotts, Narrissa Knotts
Signed Sealed & delivered in presence of
John Minor, Justus Garard
State of Pennsylvania Greene County
Personally appeared before me the subscriber a Justice of the Peace in and for the said County Jonathan Knotts and Neicisa his wife the grantors named in foregoing instrument of writing and acknowledged the same to be their act and deed for the use and purpose theirin mentioned the said Nercessa having first been by me examined seperate and apart from her said husband the content thereof fully made known to her by me she voluntarily consenting thereunto In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this third day of January A.D. 1845
Justus Garard
Recorded January 7 1845 Examined.

John Donham, husband of Rebecca daughter of Peter Engels Jr buys the last piece of the Peter's property from his sister-in-law Neucessa. John and Rebecca had eight children in Greene County.

As was typical of families of the day, the children scattered towards the West and a new life for themselves upon the death of their Father. However, today can be found many Engle surnames in the Somerset and Green Counties of PA.

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