Johann Peter Engels (Sr)


Johann Peter Engels (Sr) was born in Solingen Germany 25 Apr 1711, son of Caspar II and brother of Peter Sr. and Clemens. He relocated with his Father and two brothers to Klingenthal France in 1730 to make bladed weapons for the French army. He was first married in the Reformed Church to Elizabetha Maurer on 13 Jan 1737 in Wolfisheim Alsace France.

Children of: Johann Peter Engels Sr & Elizabetha Maurer
Anna Elizabetha 27 Nov 1737 19 Jul 1741  
Johann Peter 6 Jun 1740 21 Oct 1740  
Johann Peter 3 Jan 1742 14 Jun 1742  

Elizabetha died in 1743 and Johann Peter Sr married a Susanna Vautrin (Votrin) d/o Jacob Vautrin and Mary Grosjean on 6 Jan 1744 in Rauwiller, Alsace, France.

Children of: Johann Peter Engels Sr & Susanna Votrin (France)
Johannes-France 11 Nov 1745 abt 1776 Susanna Barbara Staheli/4
Anna Elizabeth-France 23 Nov 1747 ?  
Clemens-France 30 Dec 1748 28 May 1812 (1)Elizabeth Graff/6
(2)Margaret Weimer/13
Johann Peter (Jr) France 19 Nov 1750 abt 1776 Susanna Hutzel/2

In the Spring of 1754, Johann Peter Engels Sr, brother Peter Sr and sister Maria Catherina Dellenbach with their children departed for America. They arrived in Philadelphia in the Fall of 1754. Johann Peter Sr. and the Dellenbachs were aboard the ship Barclay.


1760 The first record for Johann Peter Sr in the New World first appears in the private notes of the itinerant minister Jacob Lischy who ministered to both Moravian and German Reformed church members primarily in York County PA. In 2002, it was discovered that Michael Engels baptism was recorded by Jacob Lischy as was noted in his pastoral private record. His journal was organized by date and not by locality but it most likely was in York County. The first three entries for July 20, 1760 are shown below.

Baptisms for July 20, 1760 by Jacob Lischy
John Michael John Peter Engels
John Michael Ulrich
Anna Maria
Dorothea Burkhard Mueller
Thomas Kremer
John Peter John Ulrich Staheley
John Peter Reisinger

The Ulrich family appears earlier in Lischy's journal in May 1754 where Michael and Anna Maria had baptized their six children ages ranging from 1 to 13 years in age. Michael Ulrich and family arrived in the New World in 1737 as documented on this Ulrich web site. We have found no additional contacts between the Ulrich family and the Engels but it should be noted that a Susanna Barbara Stahely married Johannes the oldest son of Johann Peter Sr in Frederick MD about 1766.

Where were Johann Peter and his family for that 7 or 8 years? Where were the Dellenbach's for that period as well? It is possible Johann Peter became involved in the French Indian War which started about the time of his arrival in 1754.

In 1755, Benjamin Franklin spent time in York County hiring 150 wagons, 259 pack horses and buying flour for General Braddock's army. In 1758 four companies of militia from the County took part in the capture of Fort Duquesne (later renamed Pittsburgh). Johann Peter was a skilled blacksmith and bayonet maker in France which would have been of great use for the English army then waging war with the French. In 1755, General Braddock launched his ill fated expedition from Frederick MD towards Pittsburg. Was Johann Peter the one driving wagons for Braddock's Army that had been attributed to his eight year old son Clemens? Were they living with Susanna's Vautrin family which had arrived earlier? Her cousin Abraham arrived in 1733, cousin Samuel arrived in 1749, and brother John Daniel (Johannes Votrin) in 1739. John Daniel Vautrin was living in Cordorus Creek York Co. from 1741 to 1759 so the Engels family could have been living there in that time frame. In 1762, John Daniel, was living in the Moravian community of Graceham just North of Frederick MD.

By about 1760, his brother Peter Sr. was a glass cutter of raw glass possibly received from a foundry located on Tuscacora Creek about 3 miles from Frederick. That site is similar to Klingenthal which is suitable for furnace and forge operations. Water power for mills and nearby forests for charcoal. Could JPE Sr. have relocated his family to that area then. JPE Jr. bought much property in that area after the Revolutionary War.

The next record of Johann Peter Sr. in the U.S. is the in Reformed Church records of Frederick Town MD.
1762 20 April, Samuel son of Johann Peter and Susanna Engels baptized with Samuel Dellenbach and Maria Catherina Engels as a witness.

A Michael Engle is recorded as being the brother of Clement Engle in Salisbury PA in the 1780s. At Michael's death in 1838, his tombstone lists his age as 68y 10m 21d but there is a parenthetical notation in the cemetery records that adds ten years to that age. Michael's christening is listed as June 1760 in York county.

Children of: Johann Peter Engels Sr and Susanna Vautrin (America)
Michael-US bp 20 Jul 1760 16 May 1838 Catherine Swartzel/12
Samuel-US 20 Apr 1762 aft 1795  

1764 Lot 164 of Frederick Town MD lists John Kimball, Innholder and Peter Engel Glass Cutter as coowners or Lessees. This record was produced about 1782 to settle land claims after the war. The list also shows a Peter Engle and and Mary Walling as coowners of Lot 100. We know from land records and probate that this was the property of Peter Engels Sr. The only other Peter Engels old enough to own property was JPE Sr.

`1767 On 19 Apr, Johann Peter and Susanna Engels attended Easter Communion at the Reformed Church of Frederick Town along with Susanna Barbara wife of their son Johannes and Maria Catherina Dellenbach.

1768-1769The Reformed Church was without a preacher. The last record of wife Susanna is the 1767 Easter Communion. It must be supposed she died sometime between 1767 and 1769. In July 1769, their son Johannes had a daughter named Elizabeth but no mention of his parents. Johann Peter Sr would have been close to 60 and Susanna over 50 in 1769. There are no records today of those buried in the Reformed Church grave yard of Frederick Town MD before 1800.

1773 October 17, a list of persons who have indicated their intention of attending holy communion includes, Johann Peter Sr., Peter Engels Sr and Jr., Maria Catherina wife of Peter Sr. No wife of Johann Peter and it is the last record of him.
1774 April 3, Anna Barbara Engel, wife of Johann Peter Sr., attends holy communion. It is the last record of her.

1776 Their Son Samuel next shows up in the record when he is confirmed in the Reformed Church at the age of 14. He probably was living with his Uncle Peter Sr. for many years, as in 1796 he shares an inheritance from Peter Sr equally with his cousins Peter Jr, Maria Anna Kirschner, and Susanna Matter.

Michael first appears in the records in 1775 in Salisbury PA and acquires a farm next to his brother Clemens. In his later years in Ohio he operated a successful tannery. It could be he was apprenticed to a tanner in Frederick Town after the death of his parents.

Son Johannes married a Susanna Barbara Staheli in the Lutheran Church and had four children baptized between 1767 and 1776. Could he have been killed in the Revolutionary War. There is a record of a Captain John Engels being held captive by the British. There were few survivors of the British prison ships.

Clemens is on the tax rolls in Salisbury PA in 1775. He lives there until his death in 1812. He had two wives and 19 children.

Johann Peter Jr. married Susanna Hutzel daughter of George and Magdalena Hutzel on 15 Feb 1770 in the Lutheran Church. They had one daughter Magdalena born in in 1772 and she married in 1797 to a Michael Hauck (Houck). Susanna died in 1797 leaving a living daughter and a son according to her death notice in the Lutheran Church.

We have yet to identify living descendants of Anna Elizabeth or Samuel. Johann Peter Sr lived at least 66 years and while he lost his first wife and their three children in France he was able to see five children from his second wife flourishing in the New World.

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