Johann Peter Engels Jr


1750 19 Nov., Johann Peter Engels Jr was born in Klingenthal Alsace France son of Johann Peter Sr.and Maria Susanna Vautrin. His birth was recorded at Evangelisch, Wolfisheim, Bas-Rhin, France a church on the outskirts of Strasbourg. It was the nearest Reformed church to Klingenthal.
1754 He migrated with his Father, Mother, Sister and 2 brothers (Clemens & Johannes) to the United States at the age of 4 years aboard the ship Barclay.


1760 20 July, the christening of his younger brother Michael is recorded in York County PA which suggests Johann Jr is living in PA at the time with his family.
1762, the birth of his youngest brother Samuel is recorded in Frederick MD which suggests that his family had moved to the Frederick area by then. 1767 The last record of his parents, Johann Peter Sr and wife Susanna is the 1767 Easter Communion. It is possible they died sometime between 1767 and 1769 when Johann Peter Jr was seventeen.

1770 15 Feb. This is the earliest record we have of Johann Peter Jr in America. The records of the Lutheran Church of Frederick MD lists his marriage to a Susanna Hutzel. Susanna Hutzel (20 Nov 1742 - 9 Nov 1797) was the daughter of Johann Georg Hutzel and Magdalena Schweinhardt of Pfaffenhofen/wur, Germany.
Johann Peter Jr. is confirmed in the Lutheran Church age 22.
1772 22 Jan, daughter Magdalena baptized in the Lutheran Church.

Children of: Johann Peter Jr & Susannah Hutzel
Magdalena 22 Jan 1772 aft 1797 Mathias Houck
Male (George) 1774 aft 1811 Catharine Jung/4
Susanna Jung/3

The Male child is recorded simply as the son of Johann Peter and Susanna. Since a Georg Engels stood up for a Peter Engels in the marriage to Mary Renner in 1799 we now suppose that the male child was George. At the marriage of a George Engels in 1789, a Peter Engels was his witness and it is likely this was Johann Peter Engels Jr.

1778 12 May Johan George Hutzel dies the father of Susanna.
12 October wife Susanna inherits a portion of her Father's estate worth 332.16.1 common money. Distribution: 1/3 to the widow Magdalena and the remainder in equal shares to the 10 children: Margaret Miller, Susannah Engle, George, John, Peter, Mathias, Ludwick, Mary, Michael, Gabriel.

1783 21 August, Johann buys land "Fancy", 22 1/2 acres for 35 pounds from Charles Beatty. A little more than Susanna's inheritance. At this time, much land had been confiscated from the Torys who had fled to England.

1787 8 May he buys 3 1/2 more acres of "Fancy" for 35 pounds from Mathias Hutzel, his brother-in-law.
19 June buys 50 acres of "Bull Frog", and 50 acres of "Petersham" for 65 pounds of silver and gold from Frederick Heffner representing 1/4 of his estate.
1788 23 June, Magdalena Hutzel dies, the mother of Susanna.
1789 3 Dec. son George marries Catherine Jung (Young) in the Reformed Church of Frederick.
1794 from Michael Heffner 30 and a quarter acres of "Resurvey on Havener Fancy for 68 pounds which was next to Petersham or 15th line of "Taskers Chance". Note: Frederick Heffner had been granted 695 acres on 29 Sep. 1762.
4 October, Split of property "Petersham" and "Bull Frog" with Frederick Myers that they jointly bought from the estate of Michael Heffner.

1795 30 March, buys land "Clems Chance", 7 1/2 acres for 75 pounds from John Sinsenbaugh.
30 May, sells "Bull Frog" and "Petersham" for 85 pounds to Michael Heffner.
20 July buys land "Resurvey of Governors Fancy", 30.25 acres for 68 pounds from Michael Heffner located adjacent to Petersham.

1797 17 August, Susanna wife of Johann Peter Engels Jr dies. Susanna's death is recorded in the Lutheran Church records for 1797.
11 April 1797 George Wine's Will was probated:

According to the will of George Wine of Frederick County Maryland dated 11 April 1797: To wife Margaret 200 pounds, 1 horse, 1 cow. To Elizabeth Renner daughter of John Renner deceased 10 pounds. To daughter Mary Renner 35 pounds. (widow of John Renner) Friend Jacob Deal to be executor. The rest of his estate is to be divided equally between his children: Michael Wine Catherine Bowman Children of deceased daughter Anna Martha Miller Children of deceased son Frederick Wine Mary Renner Witnesses: Daniel Renner, Jacob Wolf, and John Fleming

On 7 December 1782, Mary Wine married John Renner who died in 1798. Marriage listed in "Marriage Licenses of Frederck County" by Myers. This proves that Mary, widow of John Renner was nee Mary Wine although it appears that John had a previous wife who was the mother of Daniel, Elizabeth and Catherine Renner.

Nov. 9 buried Peter Engels's wife Susanna, nee Lutzelin(Hutzel), was born near Fredericktown Dec. 16, 1741; on Feb. 15, 1770 she was married in which state she lived 27 years, 9 months. Had 2 children, 1 son and 1 daughter who are still alive. She had for two years a 3-day fever [Sie hatte 2.Jahr lang ein dreytagig Fieber], from which she never freed. Finally she began to bleed unto her death, aged 56 years, less 1 month and 8 days.

1799 11 July, Catherine wife of George dies.
17 August In the Lutheran Church records a Peter Engle (Johann Peter Engels Jr.) married a Mary Renner with Witnesses: George Engel and George Briedy.
8 Sep. George marries Susanna Jung sister of deceased wife. Witnesses: George Briedy and Jacob Jung.

Children of: Johann Peter Jr & widow Mary Renner
Peter Engle 18 Oct 1801 3 Oct 1880 Susanna Crise/6
Sophia Engle abt 1803 1862 William Delaplane/8

1800 Census for Libertytown district 7 shows a Peter Engle, most likely Johann Peter Jr. now married to Mary Renner the widow. They have 4 males, 9 or under, 1 male over 45, 2 females 9 or under, and 1 female 26 to 44. Nearby families are the Jungs, Krise, and Abraham Renner probable brother-in-law of Mary. A Susanna Krise married Peter Engle son of Johann Peter Jr and wife Mary.
Both a George Engle and a Peter Engle can be found in the 1800 census for Frederick in District #2. This census lists George (29) and Susanna (Jung abt 18)

1801 Son Peter Engle born.

abt 1803 daughter Sophia born to Mary and Johann Peter Jr.

1805 February. From the "Descents of Frederick Co. MD

RENNER, John d/ intestate (in 1799)
widow Mary, now w/o Peter ENGLE (who is also guardian of last 8 children)
Children -
..Mary, w/o George YOUNG
..Catharine, w/o Michael KESSELRING
..Betsy, w/o John SONNAFRANK

All children minors except those shown as married; petition filed Aug 1803.
Land - Resurvey on Joseph's Friendship (219ac), The Fifth Dividend (145ac), all contiguous; Dower laid out on part of The Fifth Dividend (conveyed by Philimon & Joshua GRIFFITH); Michael & Catharine KESSELRING purchased the estate.
Commissioners: Normand BRUCE, Thomas JONES, Middleton SMITH, Bernard GILBERT, John RAMSBERG, dtd February 1805.

John, Solomon, and Jacob get land from Peter in 1814 and Daniel sues him for not getting his share.

1810 Census in the Libertytown district shows Peter and Mary with 1 male 0-9 (Peter), 1 male 10-15. 1 female 0-9 (Sophia), 1 female 16-25. Older children are probably Renner children. Next door is George Young whose wife is Mary the child of Mary Renner.
George Engle and wife Susanna are still in District 2 with two males 0-9, and 2 females 0-9. Young children from both marriages for George.

1810 Purchased from the Kesselrings (John Renner estate) 375 acres of "Resurvey on Josephs Friendship" and "Fifth Dividend" for 1770 pounds.

1811 Abstract from Chancery Court Records of Maryland. John RENNER d/ 1799 intestate. As eldest, daughter Catherine KESSELRING w/o Michael elected to take the estate.
About 1808, Daniel RENNER s/o John instituted a suit to recover his share and assigned it to Nathan BAKER. In 1809, Daniel RENNER for use of Nathan BAKER recovered Judgment against Peter ENGLE for 600 pounds cm for damages and 387 pounds of tobacco.
It was claimed Daniel owed the estate fees for boarding, washing, lodging and other things charged to Daniel which he agreed to pay.
By 1 Jan 1811, Daniel RENNER had left the state of Maryland to parts unknown. Peter ENGLE, Baltzer FOGLE and Conrad SHAFER were bound to Daniel RENNER for 1500 pounds current money dtd 21 Jan 1811.

1813 10 April, sold to Henry Krise 5 3/4 acres of "Resurvey on Joseph's Friendship" and "Fifth Dividend" for 1770 pounds.

1814 16 Jun he transferred title to John, Solomon, and Jacob Renner for property he sold them for $5 on 20 Jun 1812 consisting of 30 3/4 acres "Resurvey on Havenors Fancy", 1/2 acre "Clems Chance", and 50 acres of "Bull Frog" for a total of 81 1/4 acres. On this day Solomon sells his share to John for $1000.

1816 18 Mar to Henry Hummer (h/o Sally Renner) 20 acres of "Fifth Dividend" for 200 pounds. Note: Mary signed the indenture giving up her Dower Rights.
Because there is no Peter Engle in the 1820 census in Libertytown District and no further records of Mary it is believed that Mary and Johann Peter Jr died sometime after 1816 and before 1820 since Johann would have been 70 years of age by then. Another possibility is they moved in with one of their children for care in their old age.

1826 Birth records of the Woodsboro Evangelical Lutheran Church, Woodsboro, Frederick County, Maryland 1803-1861

Parents Child Sponsor
Henry Hammon, Margaret William Wathoer
20 Aug 1825, 22 Feb 1826
Johann Engel
George Shank, Juanita George Washington
11 May 1826, 21 Jul 1826
Peter Engel, Susanna Margaret Lucinda
12 Jan 1827, 25 Mar 1894
Margaret Crise

One can only speculate on who Johann Engel is related to, son of Johannes b.1776? Peter Engel is the son of Johann Peter Jr.

1829 William Henry born to Peter Engel and Susanna

We have yet to find any record of the death of Johann Peter Engels Jr or his wife Mary. Clearly Johann Peter Jr found a successful life in the Frederick County area. He had two wives and four children who all became married adults.

Footnote: A real estate sale in 1888 lists property originally purchased as, "parcel of land; situate and being in Frederick county, being parts of several tracts of land called "Vulvershum", "Bull Frog", and "Clem's Chance", containing 21 acres, 2 rods and 7 perches of land, described in deed from John HARDY and wife to said Daniel STRAFFER". Sounds like the same plot of land Johann Peter sold to the 3 older Renner boys in 1814.

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