Catherina Engels wife of Leonard Lantz

Catherina's father was Peter Engels (Sr.) who immigrated from France in 1754. His first wife died on the trip and he remarried a Maria Catherina shortly after arrival in the new world. In about 1756 he was located in Frederick MD where he remained until his death in 1793. In 1765 he leased lot 100 which apparently included a building previously used as a tavern. In 1772 he sold lot 100 and moved to lot 50. We can assume Catherina lived with her parents until her marriage in 1778.

1757 4 Dec, daughter Christina born to Peter Engels Sr. and Maria Catherina. The Reformed Church records of Frederick list the child's name as "not given". However, from her confirmation date and age it projects back to be that this is Catherina.

1778 27 September, Catherina marries Leonard Lantz as taken from From the Maryland lists of Colonial marriages.
12 June, from the Journal and Correspondence of the Council of Maryland, "Ordered That the western shore Treasurer pay to Abraham Faw two Pounds four shillings and six Pence for the use of Leonard Lontz, two pound four shillings and six Pence for the use of Adam Boyer and two Pounds thirteen shillings and five Pence for the use of Peter Minim as p accts passed by the Auditor General."
It is believed that Abraham, brother-in-law to Peter Jr., was employing workmen in construction of the prisoner of war facility in Frederick at this time. Leonard could have been one of his workmen.

1782Catherina Engels aged 25 is confirmed in the Reformed Church.
2 November, from the Journal and Correspondence of the Maryland Council of Safety. "Commissions issued to Samuel Cock appointed first Lieutenant of Captain Edward Salmons Company and also to Leonard Lentz appointed first Lieutenant of Captain Nicholas White Company, belonging to the Frederick Town Battalion of Militia in Frederick County."
On the same day the council ordered: "We request you will immediately order the Invalids mentioned in the enclosed List, and all others that are fit for that Duty, to march without Delay to Frederick Town, to guard the British Prisoners, where they may render essential Service. It will be necessary that two Commissioned Officers should take Command of this Party."
It reads like Leonard Lantz was one of the two commissioned officers.

Children of: Catherina Engels and Leonard Lantz
Maria Catherina b 22 Jan 1779
  Paul Tritt/
Christian b 23 Dec 1780
bp 11 Feb 1781
  Sophia Tidy
Margaret b 15 Nov 1782
  Henry Hildebrand Jr.
Maria b 5 Jun 1784
  James Linton
Curtis b 25 Jun 1787
  Elizabeth Hildebrand/5
Susanna b 25 Sep 1789   John Mahaney
Salome b 1 Jun 1791  

Catherina does not appear in the settlement of Peter Engels property in 1795 so she may have left Frederick by that time or have passed away. Her son Curtis was baptizing children in the Frederick Lutheran Church in the early 1800s suggesting she may have passed away.

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