Somerset County Genealogical & Historical_Society
'Genealogy of Clement Engle Sr. 1748-1812' by Eber Cockley 1969.
'Charts of the Progeny of Clement Engle 1747-1812' by Max Engle.
'The Engle Family Research in History' by Eber Cockley, Laurel Messenger August 1966.
Garrett County Historical Society
'Garrett County History of the Engle Family' by Charles Hoye
'The Engles' March 31, 1951.
Fillmore County Historical Society
All the obituaries of the Engle Family
Plat maps of Engle property

Garrett County Historical Society
Garrett County History of Pioneer Families XCV. "The Wiley Family' by Charles Hoye. January 28, 1937.

'The Life and Times of Martin Weimer' by David P. Welfley, December 1885.

Shirer Family Genealogical Charts by Beth Friend.
Shirer Family History by Beth Friend.

Fillmore County MN Historical Society
Iowa Surnames Book
New York Surnames Book
History of Somerset County, Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania German Pioneers (Ship lists)

Census Records 1790-PA and MD 1800-PA and MD 1820-1850 NY 1860-1900 IW 1840-1860 IL 1820-1860 OH Land Records 1750-1800 Frederick MD 1750-1820 Alleghey MD

Personal correspondence with:
Max Engle, El Toro California: Great-great-grandson of Clement.
Art Nelson, Redding California.:Son of Fanny Engle Nelson.
Gladys Tessum, Preston Minnesota.: Daughter of Hobart Engle.
Elizabeth Heavener, Thousand Oaks California:Daughter of Oliver Rueben Engle, who graciously provided the information for the section on her father.
Beth Friend, Oakland Maryland: Great-grand-daughter of Peter Shirer and the curator of the Garrett County Maryland Historical Society.
Jeanne Coleman, researcher at the Somerset County Genealogical Society for providing all the information the society had on the Engles and the Weimers.

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