Clemens Engels Baptism Record

Clemens Engels was baptized by a local pastor in Klingenthal but recorded at the nearest Evangelical Church which was in Wolfisheim. Cousin Henri Engels provided a scanned copy of his baptism as registered in Wolfisheim which is shown below

Clemens Engels baptism

Henri interpreted the German text written with a quill pen as:

Dec(ember) d(en) 30. Im Klingenthal
Joh(ann) Peter Engels Bajonetschmied
Susanna Vaudrin
  Clemens Evertz Klingenhärter
  Jacob Beyer Bajonetschmied
  A(nna) Catharina Franck geb(orene) Metzger(in)
  Jungfrau Maria Catharina Engels
      Infans Clemens

Henri's English translation of the record:

December the 30 In the Klingenthal
Johann Peter ENGELS blacksmith of bayonet
  Clemens EVERTZ blade hardener
  Jacob Beyer blacksmith of bayonet (married to Anna Gerderuth ENGELS)
  Anna Catharina FRANCK born METZGER
  Virgin Maria Catharina ENGELS (1751 the wife of SamuelnDELLENBACH)
      Child Clemens.

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