Deed for Sale of Lot #50 - 1795

At the request of Valentine Motter the following
deed is recorded 13 April 1795 to wit

This indenture made this 13th day of March in the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety-five between Peter Engels, Samuel Engels, Michael Kershner and Ann his wife of Frederick County and Valentine Motter Jr and Susanna his wife of Washington County, Heirs of Peter Engels Sr. late of Frederick County deceased who died intestate as it is....of the one part; and Valentine Motter Sr. of Fred Co. aforesaid of the second part.
Witness.....that the said Peter Engles, Samuel Engles, Michael Kershner & Ann his wife and Valentine Motter Jr & Susanna his wife for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred and sixty-six pounds current money to show in hand paid by the said Valentine Motter Sr. the receipt of which they do hereby acknowledge have granted, bargained and sold and assigned and released and confirmed, and by their presence do grant pay and sold, assigned and confirm unto him his part Valentine Motter Sr, his heirs and assignees forever all that three quarters of a lot or portion lying and being in Frederick Town in Frederick County aforesaid distinguished by Number Fifty. Beginning for the said three quarters at the South West corner of Lot Number Forty nine on Patrick Street now in the possession of a certain Adam Wondenbarker and running westerly with Patrick Street sixty feet more or less to Lot Number Fifty-one now in the possession of John Gombar Sr.
Then Northerly with said Lot Number Fifty one to Church Street, then Easterly with said line thirt feet more or or less to Michael Hoffmans part of said Lot Number Fifty, then Southerly with said Hoffmnas part one half of the depth of the said Lot then Easterly with said Hoffmas part to Lot Number Forty-nine aforesaid then Southwesterly with said Lot to the Beginning. Together will all and singular houses appurtenances, buildings and other improvements and advantages to the said three quarters of a lot or portion of ground belonging or ...
To have and to hold this day unto him the said Valentine Motter Sr for his Heirs and assignees forever. To his and ..... own behalf and for other uses, intents, or purposes whatsoever and this part Peter Engels, Samuel Engels, Michael Kershner and Ann his wife and Valentine Motter jr and Susanna his wife the aforesaid three quarters of Lot Number Fifty unto him the said Valentine Motter Sr. and his Heirs and assignees from and against them and their Heirs and from an against all other persons forever claiming by from or under whose or either of show shall and will warrant and forever defend by their presence and further that they and a .. of .. and .. and each of their Heirs shall and will at the resonable request and at the proper Costs and Charges of him the said Valentine Motter Sr and his Heirs and assignes on his or their council learned in the Law shall devise or request do suffer and execute any other or further deed assurance or conveyance for the ... .. and conveying the ... at anytime when ... required which said deed assurance or conveyance to contain no other further waranty then is herein proper. __In witness they have here unto suscribed their names and affixed their seals this day and year first written below.

Signed sealed and delivered
in the presence of George Baer jun
which deed was this endorsed? To wit

Peter Engels (seal) Samuel Engels (seal)
Michael Kirchner (seal) Maria Kirchner (seal)
Valentine Mautter (seal) Susanna Mautter (seal)

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